Thursday, 16 February 2017

Poets Alive! Read more poetry!

Cheltenham Poetry Society's Reading Group meets 7pm - 10pm on the third Tuesday of each month, except December (when there isn't a meeting).  

Meetings alternate monthly between:

a) published poems (not our own) on the topics listed below and 

b) poems by a specific poet (as listed for the dates asterisked below).  

Please bring about 8 copies of 2 – 3 poems on the topic or by the famous poet.

On the asterisked dates (designated Poets Alive!attendees are also invited (if they wish - no obligation) to bring one or two of their own poems. These could either relate in some way to the poems by the well-known poet - by subject, theme or style - or provide an
interesting contrast with the famous poet’s work.

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings - at the bargain price of just £3, to include refreshments!

Reading Group Meetings are scheduled for these dates in 2017:

17 Jan*    Poets Alive! - poems by W H Auden and you!

21 Feb     Poets with names L - Q

21 Mar*  Poets Alive! – poems by T S Eliot and you!

18 Apr     Poems about town, city, urban life

16 May*  Poets Alive! - poems by Gillian Clarke and you!

20 June   1st person poems (persona or poet)

18 July*   Poets Alive! - poems by D H Lawrence and you!

15  Aug    Poems about travel

19 Sept*  Poets Alive! - poems by Billy Collins and you!

17   Oct     Poems in English from poets who aren't    

21  Nov*  Poets Alive! - poems by W B Yeats and you!  

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