Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Next workshop, 5 February

We're looking forward to our next workshop,  7pm - 10pm Tuesday, 5 February, Parmoor House, Lypiatt Terrace (parallel with Lypiatt Road), Cheltenham.  The writing exercise will be led by Roger Turner and there will be time for us to read back what we have written (if we want to!)  After a refreshment break, we will have a read-round of poems we have already written, giving and receiving comments to help us in the editing process.  Comments will be helpful and constructive.  Please bring 8 copies of one or two of your poems for this part of the workshop.  These sessions are excellent value at £4, reduced to just £2 if you subscribe - representing a significant saving over the coming year.  Join us - newcomers welcome.

Out of the Depths - 6 and 7 March

Update on times:
Please note that the reading at Alderton commences at 7pm. 
The recital at Great Witcombe starts at 7.30. 
The latter is a half an hour later than advertised below:

Next workshop - Tuesday 5 February

New CPS publicity poster/advert

CPS prepares to launch Beyond the Well-Mapped Provinces

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Reading Group Meeting 15 January

Our first reading group meeting of the year will be on Tuesday 15 January, 7-10pm at Parmoor House, Lypiatt Terrace, Cheltenham.  Please bring about eight copies of 3-4 poems by published poets on the subjects of winter, snow or ice.


This is the new blog of Cheltenham Poetry Society.  You might be wondering where the poems have gone that were visible on our previous blog. Well, we are encouraging members to build their own blogs so that they can keep personal and more dynamic control over which poems appear on the Internet.  We would encourage members to link their own blogs to this one. Meanwhile, this blog will keep everyone updated on the Society's events and plans.  Less "perishable" information, such as the "History of the Society" and details of "What the Society Offers" are available from links on the right of this page.