Monday, 17 June 2013

Our workshops, reading groups and writing groups

Our meetings follow this monthly programme:

First Tuesday - workshop,  everyone welcome 
Includes a writing exercise led by a member of the Society (please bring writing materials), and a read-round of previously written work (please bring about 8 copies of one or two of your poems). Poets read their own poems and give/receive constructive comments in order to help us all in the editing of our own work. Comments are intended to be helpful and supportive.  £4 per session, including tea, coffee and biscuits.  This is reduced to £2 per session for subscribers (£8 per annum). For people joining before July in any year, subscribing and paying the lower fee is definitely the way to go.  Those joining in the second half of the year will find it better to pay the higher session fee, and consider subscribing from the following January.

Third Tuesday - reading group meeting, everyone welcome 
In June, August, October we will each bring about 8 copies of about four poems written by a published contemporary poet - for reading and discussion.  In July, September and November we will bring poems on specific topics/themes, for similar reading and discussion.  This is a chance for people to introduce each other to new poets and new poetry.  £2 per session including tea, coffee and biscuits. No annual subscription is payable by people who just come to reading group meetings.

Fourth Tuesday - writing group for experienced poets 
This group is limited in number to ensure there is time for thorough and rigorous critiques; currently we have no vacancies in this group so please consider coming to workshops on the First Tuesday instead where commenting is intended to be helpful and supportive.
Members of the Writing Group are all payers of the £8 annual subscription, paying an additional £2 per session. Refreshments are included.

Finding us

Several people have recently reported difficulty in finding 13 Parmoor House, Lypiatt Terrace, Cheltenham, GL50 2SX where we hold our regular meetings.
This map will help:
Map of Lypiatt Terrace

Here is a picture of what the building looks like from the outside:
Parmoor House, 13 Lypiatt Terrace

This Cheltenham Civic Society building is used by a number of groups.
Cheltenham Poetry Society meetings take place on the SECOND FLOOR, in the Rosalind Room.

All meetings are on Tuesdays, 7pm - 10pm, with a refreshment break mid-way through the evening.