Thursday, 16 February 2017

2017 - Kickstarted!

The Cheltenham Poetry Society Programme for 2017 was underway by Tuesday 3 January with a brand new series of Kickstart Poetry Writing Workshops, suitable for all levels, of experience.  We are following the book of writing prompts by Jo Bell, designed to encourage poets to write a poem a week: 52 Write a Poem a Week. Start Now. Keep Going - by Jo Bell, published by Nine Arches Press.  

Our second workshop in the series was on 7 February, and these will continue on the first Tuesday of every month throughout the year, 7pm - 10pm at Parmoor House:

7 Mar, 4 Apr, 2 May, 6 June, 4 July, 1 Aug, 5 Sept, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, 5 Dec

Workshops are supplemented by an active - but 'private' Facebook Group where poets attending workshops can post poems for feedback from other attendees.  Hence they will give and receive feedback on the poetry prompts occurring weekly between monthly workshops.  Join us at workshops and you too can join the Facebook group if you would like to.  But there is no obligation ... and no pressure to write 52 poems in a year!  For those that want to, there is support.  For others who might want simply to come along to the workshop once a month and write a poem there, that is another option ... or anything in between!

Early feedback suggests that fellow Kickstarters agree that the workshop and supplementary information posted in our own Facebook group is helpful.  Here are some photos - and some of their comments:

“Thanks for this wonderfully detailed information … and for hosting us yesterday. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed hearing some wonderful poetry.” “Really enjoyed the workshop last night. A good kickstart to the new year. Very helpful info thank you … No excuses but to get started now”.“Have already put down ideas for three of the poems. Couldn’t stop poetry thinking last night.”
“I enjoyed it, thank you … lots of interesting ideas.”
“It was fab and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”
“Thanks for a great session … Your group has a good mix of people, poetry and styles. I really feel that I can gain from the structure of it.”
“Fab time this evening at CPS Kickstart poetry workshop based on Jo Bell’s 52 … Good to have a structure to work with.”
“I very much enjoyed the session … and look forward to more in the coming months and working on the prompts in the book.”
"Very well done ... pace, tone and level just right ... generating plenty of enthusiasm."

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