Saturday, 23 May 2015

Cheltenham Poetry Society's annual retreat - the Dumbleton Awayday, 21 May

For the third year running, Cheltenham Poets have spent a full day devoted to writing and getting to know each other better - in the Bredon Room at the Conference Suite of the Dumbleton Hall Hotel near the border of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.  And, again for the third year running, we had wonderful weather.

The day included two writing exercises, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each followed by a read-round and short feedback session.  In the morning, we played music videos, featuring a variety of compositions and artists - using these to inspire our first poems of the day.  In the afternoon we used a throw of the dice to help us decide subjects, forms and poetic elements to incorporate in our work during the latter half of the day.  Most people ended the day with two drafts - some, notably David Ashbee, with considerably more.

The hotel kept us well supplied with tea coffee, biscuits, pastries and cakes during the day - and a sit-down lunch in the dining room - after which we took advantage of the excellent weather for a short walk in the beautiful grounds.

Many thanks to the management and staff at Dumbleton Hall, especially Terry who has helped us organise the three Awaydays we have productively spent at the hotel.

Here are some photographs from the day:

 Members of CPS in the Library Bar, 
 Dumbleton Hall Hotel, Worcestershire

  Writing in the Bredon Room  - Roger, Gill, Michael Stuart, Derek, Robin, Sheila, Michael, Howard, Marilyn,  David, Gerald, Alice, Annie.  Sharon behind the camera.

     Dumbleton Hall Hotel


 In the grounds at Dumbleton Hall

 Canada geese and goslings

 Black swans and cygnet

Yellow flag iris

Alice and Sheila

Alice Stuart Michael Annie Sheila


Stuart Annie Gill Sheila

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